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Gregory Kramer

Today we speak with Gregory Kramer about his work with mindfulness in his book, Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom.

Mindfulness meditators may, over time with diligent practice, develop a certain facility with meditation. They become more calm, able to reflect with a bit more perspective of the challenges in life, and have a certain emotional resiliency. But things get more complicated when we’re not in the safe holding space of our meditation, and are face to face with the complex interactions of a social setting. We’re not only dealing with our internal responses to the moment, but are engaging with, interpreting, and responding to another equally complex person. To help us with this, we can take a queue from our meditation, and build on it with the practice of Insight Dialogue.

Gregory Kramer has taught meditation since 1980. Gregory is the founder and director of the non-profit Metta Foundation, and developed Metta’s eight-week course offered as the Interpersonal Mindfulness Program. Gregory holds a Ph.D. in Learning and Change in Human Systems and is a visiting teacher at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. He co-founded the hunger project Harvest with Heart. Formerly a composer then scientist, he also founded the New York City media technology center Harvestworks/Studio PASS, the Electronic Art Ensemble, and ICAD, the International Conference on Auditory Display.


Today’s quote is from Gregory Kramer’s book, “Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom” —

“When you call to mind Listen Deeply, let it be a call to awaken more fully into the moment. That is, step into mindfulness with particular attention to what is being said. As you listen, mindfulness is alert with a question something like, ‘What is happening now?’ The ears are attuned, but the heart, too, is open. You are listening to a fellow human being. Listen with kindness. Let the words, the stories, touch a compassionate heart. So we see that Listen Deeply is a reminder to allow ourselves to notice fully and be touched by the experience of another.” p.150


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  1. Mark Knickelbine says:

    Thanks for having Gregory Kramer on the podcast!

    I can’t overstate how powerful Insight Dialogue practice is. Just as sitting meditation opens new perspectives on your mind, ID reveals the way your consciousness is conditioned by those around you, and how you influence them as well. My experience with this practice has been that listening deeply and speaking the truth with a partner who is trying to be mindfully present for you reveals an intimate heart connection that dissolves the borders between self and other. Mindfulness in relationship causes compassion and kindness to arise spontaneously — a wonderful gift.

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