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Campbell Best

Mindfulness is increasingly finding itself in the spotlight, and is becoming more mainstream in contemporary Western culture. Rather than being viewed as a foreign religious practice, modern science has help quantify and explore how mindfulness is a practice for everyone.

But there are hurdles still to overcome, especially in the realm of educational institutions. Our guest today, Campbell Best, is Student Advocate in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Student Affairs, at The University of Mississippi. His is one of the first mindfulness programs used as part of an ongoing offering for students at the University level in the Bible Belt.


Today’s quote is from Norm Fischer’s book, “Training in Compassion” —

“Compassion and resilience are not, as we might imagine, rarified human qualities available only to the saintly. Nor are they adventitious experiences that arise in us only in extraordinary circumstances. In fact, these essential and universally prized human qualities can be solidly cultivated by anyone willing to take the time to do it. They can become the way we are and live on a daily basis. We can train our minds. We are not stuck with our fearful, habitual, self-centered ways of seeing and feeling.” — Introduction, p. x

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  1. Mark Knickelbine says:

    Great podcast! I hope Camp’s story will inspire all of us to do what we can right where we are to enbody and share our mindfulness practice.

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