MBSR. Online. Live.

The full 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program from the convenience of home.

Improvements to Aspects of Mindfulness*



Acting with Awareness

Non-Judging of Inner Experience

Non-Reactivity to Inner Experience


*Most recent course data, Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire, 100% participation

"Taking the MBSR program has been a turning point in my life, in learning about myself and learning to take care of myself and others with thoughtful kindness."

-- Daniela Z.

"This course was a catalyst for better understanding the role mindful awareness plays in living beyond the limits of my thoughts and feelings."

-- Matt D.

"I was touched by the community of people I met and how their observations affected me and how much they have to offer."

-- Jill B.

"...what really touched me was the devotion of Ted and Amy, both during practice sessions and in their willingness to make this most famous evidence based mindfulness course available to people with different possibilities via donation model."

What is Online Live?

The live sessions are held online using streaming video technology via computer. On Saturdays during the course at the class meeting time, participants log into their computer to see and hear the teachers and other participants, and to share their own experiences of the home assignments.


Practice Circle

Twice Monthly Drop-In Meditation

Join others for guided meditation, learning, discussion,
and connection during our online live sessions


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