Episode 053 :: Kailen Krame :: Put It In Perspective: A Teen’s Guide to Sanity

Kailen Krame

Kailen Krame joins us to speak about her book Put It In Perspective: A Teen’s Guide to Sanity.

When you were sixteen, did you want to change the world? Or maybe your goals were more modest, and you limited yourself to helping your peers through the difficulties you yourself were experiencing? Perhaps these aspirations are not so far apart, but did you go so far as to write a book to make a difference? Todays’ guest, moved by her own challenges and seeing the suffering around her, chose to do just that.

Kailen Krame is currently completing undergraduate studies at the University of Florida and is pursuing a major in Psychology. Motivated by her own personal struggles, she set-out at age sixteen to write a book that would help fellow teenagers cope with the stresses of daily life. Her goal is to inspire adolescents everywhere to maintain a positive outlook and change their lives for the better.


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