Episode 065 :: Jeena Cho :: The Anxious Lawyer

Jeena Cho

Author, lawyer, and meditator Jeena Cho speaks with us about mindfulness for legal professionals.

Many of us spend the bulk of our waking hours in a profession. That may include years of education, training, and learning about our vocation, on top of the eight plus hours we spend earning a living five or more days every week. It’s not suprising, then, that a sense of community arises from the shared experiences we have with others in that same job. Situations come up that others might not understand in the same way as our colleagues understand them, simply because they live these lives, too. That’s one reason of many that I’m not particularly critical of applying mindfulness to a variety of contexts; how could we not? Of course there are foundational ways to be present in any moment in any situation, but how to communicate that to others in their own unique language with their own unique perspective, that requires living that life. And in this case, within the context of the legal profession.

Jeena Cho is a San Francisco bankruptcy attorney with JC Law Group PC. In addition to her law practice, Jeena teaches wellness, self-care techniques, and mindfulness to lawyers. She has completed multiple trainings on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as well as at Stanford’s Compassion Cultivation Training course.


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