Episode 073 :: Nancy Waring :: Lesley University Mindfulness Master’s Degree Program

Nancy Waring

Dr. Nancy Waring joins us to speak about the Master’s Degree program and Lesley University.

As mindfulness becomes more mainstream, the call for accreditation is likewise increasing. Accredited programs for mindfulness, however, are few and far between. There are some, however, which offer a rich blend of teaching, science, and practice in an academic setting.

Mindfulness Studies program founder Nancy Waring encourages students to get to know their own minds. A longtime mindfulness meditator and mindfulness-based stress reduction teacher, she is among a growing number of educators focused on contemplative studies. Besides mentoring students in contemplative subject areas, she designed and teaches the interdisciplinary graduate course, “Mindfulness and Professional Practice.” Nacy has a particular interest in the effects of meditation on the brain, and studies of neuroscience of meditation. Nancy’s career has spanned academia and journalism; she has been a writer, editor, and writing teacher for 30 years. She served as editor-in-chief of the Harvard Law Bulletin and deputy executive editor of Hippocrates, a primary care journal for physicians. Formerly a frequent contributor to the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine, Nancy has also written for The Village Voice, Natural Health, Women and Crime, and Shambhala Sun Magazine. In 1994, she helped found a home in Cambridge for formerly homeless women with HIV/AIDS, where she facilitates a weekly support group. She has received several awards recognizing her HIV/AIDS work, including the Cambridge Peace Commission’s Peace and Justice Award.


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