Sara Harvey Yao

Sara Harvey Yao joins us to speak about her book Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence and Courage.

Mindfulness can be kinda sneaky. I don’t mean this in a deliberate way, but rather that this idea of developing mindful presence can touch just about everything in our waking life. And though it may seem like a strange idea, the conversation around mindfulness and how it can encourage positive change is showing up where the topic isn’t even explicitly mindfulness. Our guest today has done a masterful job of embedding mindfulness into the realm of leadership.

Sara Harvey Yao is an Executive Leadership Consultant who specializes in helping leaders strengthen their presence and improve their impact. She is the founder of Yao Consulting Group and has personally developed more than 4,000 leaders across the globe, including executives from Microsoft, and Brooks Athletics. Her work has been seen on CNBC, NPR Marketplace, and Bloomberg Business Week, and she is the author of the book Get Present: Simple Strategies to Get Out of Your Head and Lead More Powerfully. Special thanks to Kelly Bowen for her invaluable help in making today’s conversation possible.

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