Episode 083 :: George Mumford :: The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Peak Performance

George Mumford

George Mumford speaks with us about The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Peak Performance.

I remember being not so good at sports growing up, to put it kindly. “Psyching myself out” was what we called at least part of that, over thinking things which took me out of the moment, strangling any flow of body and mind. Even professional athletes may run into this difficulty on occasion, and mindfulness can play a key role in helping be present.

George Mumford is an author, educator, and mindfulness teacher. He has consulted on each of the NBA championship teams Phil Jackson coached. He’s also consulted with high school, college, and Olympic athletes, inmates, and corporate executives, and he is a sought-after public speaker at both business and athletic conferences, nationally and internationally. Special thanks to our friend Rose Pavlov of Ivy Child International for coordinating today’s interview.


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