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Stephen Schettini

Mindfulness teacher Stephen Schettini joins us to speak about his Mindful Lives Podcast.

Mindfulness can have a lot of meanings. In some traditional contexts, there is a long standing history of what it meant once upon a time and still does today… within those religious institutions. But as mindfulness goes mainstream, the meaning becomes more interesting, as the unique life of each person with whom it touches is changed in equally unique ways. This rich exploration of how mindfulness is having an impact is a growing dialogue, and I’m very pleased to share that there is a new podcast by today’s guest which has exactly that dialogue.

Stephen Schettini is the founder and director of Quiet Mind Seminars. He’s led hundreds of meditation workshops in the Montreal area since 2003 through www.thenakedmonk.com, and has contributed columns regularly to local newspapers and to The Suburban, Quebec’s largest English-language weekly. He also freelanced for the Montreal Gazette. Stephen made a living in print communications and over the next 20 years authored, co-authored, illustrated, and designed dozens of books on information technology and health science.


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