Episode 089 :: Willem Kuyken :: The ASPIRE Project: Accessibility of MBCT in the U.K. for Depression Relapse Prevention

Willem Kuyken

Willem Kuyken joins us to speak about The ASPIRE Project, focused on accessibility of MBCT in the U.K.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, or MBCT, has promising results in studies of its efficacy as a prevention of recurrence of major depressive episodes. One of the challenges, however, isn’t so much with the program, but accessibility to it.

Willem Kuyken, PhD, is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford, Cofounder of the Mood Disorders Centre, and a Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. His primary research and clinical interests are case conceptualization and cognitive-behavioral approaches to depression, and he has published more than 50 articles and book chapters. Dr. Kuyken is a recipient of the May Davidson Award from the British Psychological Society.

Special thanks to Katie Fletcher for coordinating today’s interview.


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