Episode 090 :: Alex Haley and Alec Gorjestani :: Offering Tree: Web, Registration, and Payment for Your Mindfulness Programs

One of the most challenging aspects of offering mindfulness programs isn’t establishing a foundational meditation practice, or even progressing through years of training to become a qualified teacher, however difficult those may be. Rather, it’s what you’re not taught in teacher training: the business part. How do you set up a website if you’re not particularly tech savvy? Or scheduling your classes, or accept payments? These tasks are more than a little daunting if you don’t have experience with them. Today’s guests may have an answer for you.

Alex Haley

Alex Haley is a mindfulness teacher and co-founder of OfferingTree, an online platform for wellness professionals. He hopes that OfferingTree’s website features, scheduling tools and payment functionality will help others to thrive and provide everyone with greater access to wellness.

Alec Gorjestani

Alec Gorjestani is an Engineer who has been writing all kinds of software for 16 years. From automated vehicles to mobile to web software, he likes to build things. Having run a business and with a wife who is a Zumba instructor, Alec understands the unfun tasks that are required and is committed to helping those who want to help people learn wellness.

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