Episode 094 :: Amanda Johnson :: Letting Go of Perfectionism

Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson joins us to speak about how aspirations of being perfect may not being serving us, in her new book Becoming Enough: A Heroine’s Journey to the Already Perfect Self.

Do you ever wrestle with the thought or feeling that you just aren’t measuring up? That there’s a Should Be, and you’re Not It? The inner critic can be helpful in pointing out where we may need to do some work on ourselves, but sometimes may get out of hand, either with inaccurately perceiving how we really are, or setting expectations that simply can’t be met. Perhaps just as problematic is when that critical view extends to others, and nothing those around us do is good enough, either. So how does one stem the tide of unhealthful judgment?

Amanda Johnson was born and raised in the Midwest, lived in nine cities, and spent time in fourteen countries and thirty-two states. Amanda has spent the past few years as a writer, teacher, and radio show host after more than ten years of experience performing, educating, facilitating, and consulting. Her passion is inspiring others and connecting with them. She shares her message in articles for The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Best Kept Self, MindBodyGreen; videos; group training programs; and her weekly Being Inspired Radio Show.


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