Kimberly Carrière

Kimberly Carrière joins us to speak about Mindfulness-based interventions for weight loss: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

If you’ve taken a mindfulness-based program, you’ve likely encountered the raisin exercise, in which you engage all of your senses with playful curiosity in the full process of eating. This is explored further with having an entire meal with an intentional awareness, being as fully present for all aspects of the dining experience as you can. It may not be surprising that this different way of eating, perhaps significantly different than a more common mindless consumption, may have some positive influence on weight control.

Kimberly Carrière is a PhD student at McGill University in Clinical Psychology. Her research in the Health Psychology Laboratory involves examining the development and evaluation of programs grounded in eastern philosophies on weight loss. She is particularly interested in exploring the effectiveness of mindfulness and self-compassion in promoting healthy eating and exercise behaviors in obese and overweight individuals. One of her goals is to design a targeted behavioral weight loss intervention that not only supports weight loss, but facilities its maintenance over time.  Her current research involves implementing a brief mindful eating intervention that is aimed at reducing mindless eating by having participants direct their attention towards their physical body, specifically towards their stomach and its natural hunger and fullness cues.

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