Episode 109 :: Dana K. Lewis :: Mindful Veterans Connection

Dana K. Lewis

Dana K. Lewis joins us to speak about Mindful Veterans Connection.

Today we’re continuing our exploration of mindfulness in the military, talking about a group reaching out to help veterans.

Dana K. Lewis’s first experience with meditation was in 1966 when he went to and fell in love with Japan, exploring Nichiren chanting and zazen. He spent most of 1966-1977 in Japan and South Korea, and after leaving the Air Force early in 1976 he worked in Japan for 1 year as an educational consultant to an education company and ran a small English School with his wife Yoko, before returning to the US. He lived and worked at the Children’s Home from 1977 to 1994, and in 2012 met Dr. Jenna Tedesco who introduced him to secular mindfulness meditation and soon MBSR. From that time on he was meeting at least once weekly with the MBSR grad groups in the Wilmington Veterans Administration under Dr. Tedesco. In 2015 he started mindfulvets.net on behalf of a core group of Delaware area vets so they could communicate and share resources around mindfulness practice, and now have members in the UK, Philippines, and India as well as around the US.


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