Episode 110 :: Emma Frowine :: Mindful Eating Summit

Emma Frowine

Emma Frowine joins us to speak about the upcoming free online Mindful Eating Summit.

Many of you have participated in the raisin exercise. For many this is a first taste — forgive my word choice — of mindful eating. With it you engage all of your senses, expansively receiving the perhaps surprising variety of ways to notice, connect, and really investigate eating a raisin in ways likely never considered. I mean, honestly, how many of us have listened to raisin sounds with full attention before? To me, that’s one of the most rewarding aspects of mindfulness, especially when applied to food, is the tremendously enhanced experience. And that experience has much to teach, too, as we listen more closely to how our bodies respond to food.

Emma Frowine is a health and wellness life coach, passionate about helping others transform their being and take authority in their life. As a result of her own journey, Emma deepened her mindfulness practice which continues to transform her mind, and make nutritional changes that drastically elevate her health and wellbeing. Her own transformation was so uplifting that she now dedicates herself to helping others achieve the same growth. Emma incorporates mindfulness, nutrition, and fitness into her teachings.

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