Adam Lueke

Researcher Adam Lueke joins us to share his findings on how mindfulness can reduce implicit bias from his paper, Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Implicit Age and Race Bias: The Role of Reduced Automaticity of Responding.

Much of formal meditation practice as it’s done in secular mindfulness involves noticing, and receiving whatever is present in a non-judgmental way. That doesn’t mean judgments aren’t present, they may also arise in the moment, and can be seen, explored, and a choice can be brought to bear about how to respond instead of react. Today’s guest has researched how mindfulness, and this fundamental aspect of it, may help offset some kinds of implicit bias.

Adam Lueke is a researcher interested in the effects of mindfulness in a number of domains. Currently he is applying this research to the fields of implicit bias, discrimination, gratitude, cognitive performance, decision making, and general social cognition. Adam is also involved with projects regarding priming, religion and morality, and consumer research.

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