Episode 115 :: Inmaculada Adarves-Yorno :: Mindfulness and the African Prisons Project

Inmaculada Adarves-Yorno

Inma Adarves-Yorno joins us to speak about Mindfulness and the African Prisons Project.

Mindfulness is still relatively new to prison systems, with many hurdles to overcome in delivering the practice to those living in conditions of extraordinary suffering. Our guest today shares her experiences in bringing contemplative practice to inmates, and how they respond to mindfulness.

Since 2007 Inma Adarves-Yorno has been working on change agency. She has been studying their resources, challenges and influence and has used a conscious personal development system for their training. One of her newest projects is done in collaboration with the African Prison System and revolves around developing authentic leaders and change agents in the Ugandan and Kenyan Prison System. A key element of her leadership and change agency training revolves around Mindfulness. Her research is exploring, among other things, the impact of mindfulness on areas such as resilience, uncertainty, and identity. Furthermore, she is working on a research project “Mindfulness within and beyond the individual” which looks at the identity and socio-contextual factors that impact on our motivations to engage with mindfulness practice. Finally she is co-creating self-discovery and Mindfulness handbooks which will be tailored for a range of people ranging from business students to prisoners in Kenya. Inma worked for over five years as an organisational psychologist for an engineering company in Spain. She has particular expertise in areas such as leadership, organisational commitment, communication, performance and employee wellbeing.

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