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Sharon Hadley

One of the challenges facing new mindfulness teachers, and even those who have been teaching for quite some time, is getting our courses shared with those who would like to take them. Our competence and skills in teaching may not be helpful when it comes to setting up a web presence or knowing what information to share about our programs, and this is one of the most common questions I get asked: how do I make this available to others?

For the past few months I’ve been honored to spend some time getting to know and work with today’s guests, who have a solution for that very problem.

Sharon Hadley was the Business Manager in the Centre for Mindfulness, Bangor University from 2010 – 2017. In 2017 Sharon left her University full-time position and established Hadley Events Ltd; a company which supports business functions in the mindfulness field. Over the years Sharon has supported many mindfulness organisations and initiatives; she worked with the UK Teachers Network to build the UK Teachers Listing and continues to manage that service, she was a Director with the Mindfulness Network and more recently is working with Zindel Segal and ACCESSMBCT. Sharon is also a consultant for the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. From holding various roles in the field, Sharon discovered the lack of collaboration between organisations in offering mindfulness events, and has established Eventslist to support the mindfulness community to share event information.

Romek Goj

Romek Goj is a software developer and is responsible for coding the dynamic pages of Eventslist, the listings and the forms. Having studied physics and neuroinformatics, Romek now specialises in using his coding skills to build tech for good web applications. A longstanding interest in how insight meditation brings understanding of the human mind, combined with a passion for scientific research, helped him discover mindfulness and sustain a regular practice. Romek participated in an MBCT course in 2012 and enjoys attending mindfulness events and participating in the incredible community they foster.

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