Episode 119 :: Dawn Brooks DeCosta :: Emotional Intelligence at Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School

Dawn Brooks DeCosta

Principal Dawn Brooks DeCosta speaks with us about her implementation of Yale’s Emotional Intelligence RULER program at Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School.

Did you have a teacher that made a positive difference in your life? Was it through their cold recitation of facts and figures, their skill with mathematical proofs, or was it something else, perhaps a genuine interest in your growing and learning? Teachers can influence students in many ways, and perhaps one of the most helpful is showing how to thrive in life by fostering emotional intelligence.

Dawn Brooks DeCosta is the Principal of Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School. Dawn has a master’s in Educational Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University, a master’s in Fine Art Education from Queens College, and a bachelor’s degree in Education from St. John’s University. She began teaching 17 years ago and has worked for the New York City Department of Education teaching Fine Arts and Literacy for the past 15 years. Dawn has received numerous awards and recognitions for her work such as Teacher of the Year 1998, Heroes of Education Award 2002 for her work with students involving the 9/11 tragedy (highlighted in CNN’s, “Through a Child’s Eyes”), and Outstanding Educator 2002. Her Museum Ambassadors Program, parent/grandparent workshops and student exhibits have been highlighted in numerous publications. Dawn has written and received grants including the Faith Ringgold Anyone Can Fly Foundation Art with Kids Grant 2006-2011, The Anyone Can Fly Printmaking Grant, and the Studio Museum in Harlem Arts in Focus Collaboration Grant, The UFT Mini Grant to name just a few. Dawn has also designed Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School’s Integrated Arts program entitled the Faith Ringgold Museum Ambassadors Program with a theme that focuses on literacy and studies of various artists, an inquiry-based integrated curriculum approach that also includes monthly student and family visits to museums and galleries.

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