Cynthia Osterman

Cynthia Osterman

Cynthia Osterman joins us to speak about mindful self compassion for teens in the state of Washington with The Benji Project.

Growing up in contemporary society is incredibly difficult, so much harder than it was for people of my age when we were teens. Sure, it was difficult then, and depression and anxiety were common. But that pales in comparison to the environment of school shootings, cyber bullying, and even the fate of the planet’s ecosystem landing on the shoulders of youth today. For some, this becomes overwhelming. And mindfulness may be a way to stem that tide.

Cynthia Osterman is a lover of words, people and places. Her spiritual path is Buddhism and her professional path is journalism. She has had assignments in Chicago, Washington, D.C., London, Amsterdam, Paris and Vancouver as well as stint as a humanitarian relief volunteer in East Africa. She has worked from home as an editor since moving to Port Townsend in 2000.

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