Episode 126 :: Cynthia Price :: Mindfulness for Substance Use Disorder

Cynthia Price

Dr. Cynthia Price joins us to speak about the study Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy (MABT) for women in substance use disorder treatment.

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Have you ever felt disconnected, perhaps even dissociated from your body? This can happen for many reasons, some benign and some rooted in the experiences during one’s lifetime, like trauma. Mindfulness can be a way to reconnect, and though getting through those waters can be difficult and does benefit from the guidance of a competent professional, it can be done.

Cynthia Price, Ph.D., M.A., LMP is a Research Assoc. Professor at the University of Washington. Cynthia’s research and clinical expertise is in the acquisition of interoceptive awareness. In private practice for 20 years, she developed Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy (MABT) to teach interoceptive awareness and related skills for self-care and emotion regulation. Her research program is focused on studying the efficacy and mechanisms of MABT for distressed populations. The majority of her work focuses on community-based research for individuals who are disconnected from their bodies due to substance use, trauma, or pain. She is the Director of the Center for Mindful Body Awareness (http://cmbaware.org/), a non-profit focused on teaching MABT, and integrating mindful body awareness education into programs for underserved populations.

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