Episode 132 :: Jylani Ma’at Brown :: Teens of Color Mindfulness Retreat

Jylani Ma’at Brown

Jylani Ma’at Brown joins us to speak about teaching people of color, and a younger generation of meditators.

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One of the appropriate criticisms of many mindfulness communities is that they lack diversity, representing affluent white people and having a lack of people of color. When there are people of color retreats, they often get criticized as promoting divisiveness. Such critics often don’t understand the need for places of safety if not implicit welcome, because they have only ever experienced the privilege that promotes racism. That understanding is starting to grow, and with teachers like today’s guest, action can be taken to open mindfulness to a younger generation of color.

Jylani Ma’at Brown is a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor, founder of the Practice Peace Project, Black Lotus Rising, and is a veteran educator bringing many years of experience within public, private, and independent schools to her work with youth. She is extremely deliberate about integrating diverse, children’s literature and culturally relevant content into the programming. Social justice and issues of global competence are frequent themes in her work that encourage preliminary and deeper contemplation. As a woman, mother and teacher of African descent, Jylani takes pride in creating space for both her cultural heritage and expression to be an integral part of her mindfulness practice. Jylani encourages and facilitates programs that offer every participant the opportunity to fully see themselves in the moment and to honor their culture in their practice as well.

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