Liz Rutledge

Liz Rutledge joins us to speak about mindfulness with nature and Sustainable Three.

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Lately there have been a lot of conversations about mindfulness, and the ways in which it’s growing in Western society. Knowing that there is no singular culture in that very big environment, mindfulness is arising in many ways. Some of them are, I think, missing a core aspect of mindfulness in that they are like an exchange: if you “do” mindful meditation, you will “get” some results. And though there may be outcomes from practice, certainly there are for many of us who live mindfully as best we can, making it transactional can also make it somewhat… mercenary. Mindfulness as I teach and practice it has wider implications, and is in service of changes beyond what happens on the cushion.

Liz Rutledge is deeply passionate about the environment, and has been doing mindfulness in one form or another since she was 10 years old. She teaches Mindfulness at schools in the Denver area and is in the process of getting her Mindful Schools certification. Liz teaches people how to compost, garden, recycle and other sustainability activities. She is a blogger and has written the blog on since 2014. In addition, Liz is a freelance writer and dabbles in novels, editorials, and other blogs.

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