Marc Lesser

Marc Lesser joins us to speak about Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader: Lesson from Google and a Zen Monastery Kitchen.

Critics of mindfulness in the business world have a host of objections to contemplative practice being used to “pacify workers” to untenable working conditions. This is quite strikingly in contrast to the experience of those of us who actually teach in corporations, as we’re typically involved in this work for the purpose of transformation on a personal and social level. Mindfulness is about seeing things as they are, and making changes internally *and* externally. Leaders, whether that is by position in an organization or by personal words and actions, are best placed to foster the kind of conditions in which each of us would like to work and live. And that is well supported by mindfulness.

Marc Lesser is a CEO, Zen teacher, and author who offers trainings and talks worldwide. He has led mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs at many of the world’s leading businesses and organizations, including Google, SAP, Genentech, and Twitter.


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