Episode 140 :: Donald Altman :: Reflect: Awaken to the Wisdom of the Here and Now

Donald Altman

Teacher and author Donald Altman joins us to speak about Reflect: Awaken to the Wisdom of the Here and Now.

As contemplative practice is started, it may seem that there is a firm boundary between formal practice and the rest of our daily lives. We may only have a handful of meditations with which we’re familiar, and often interest may fade as seeing each unique moment with freshness hasn’t quite flourished. But there are ways to bring caring attention and reflection into more of our waking hours, and rejuvenate daily practice.

Donald Altman is a psychotherapist, award-winning author, and former Buddhist monk. He has written over 15 books that teach how to incorporate mindfulness into daily life, including The Mindfulness Toolbox, Clearing Emotional Clutter, and The Mindfulness Code. Donald has reached out to the community by serving as vice president of The Center for Mindful Eating and as an adjunct professor in Portland State University’s Interpersonal Neurology Certificate Program. He travels internationally, spreading seeds of mindfulness as a health and business consultant, keynote speaker, and mindfulness workshop leader.


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