Episode 143 :: Barbara Burns :: Mindfulness-Based, Trauma-Informed Parent Education in an Underserved Latino Community

Barbara M. Burns

Barbara Burns joins us to speak about her research Mindfulness-Based, Trauma-Informed Parent Education in an Underserved Latino Community.

Despite current hype to the contrary, secular mindfulness programs are making a very real and measurable difference in the world. Today we explore one such program, Safe, Secure, and Loved (SSL), and how that’s helping disenfranchised families of color.

Barbara M. Burns, PhD, is a developmental psychologist who studies self regulation in children. Much of her career has focused on understanding attention and executive function skills across early childhood, and exploring their significance for children’s well being and early school success. At Santa Clara University, she is working on a new family intervention, called the Resilient Families Program (RFP). Barbara teach courses in applied developmental psychology and child studies, and hopes that learning about the science of child development incites students to action on behalf of children and families, as citizens, professionals, and family members.

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