Episode 154 :: Willoughby Britton :: Cheetah House and Meditation Safety

Willoughby Britton

Willoughby Britton joins us to speak about Cheetah House, and the Meditation Safety Toolbox.

While mindfulness programs may be beneficial, even transformative for many people, it’s not the right solution to every problem. Mindfulness can become the hammer with every problem a nail. It’s not new that mindfulness-based interventions may be ill timed, not well presented, or just plain inappropriate in some circumstances, and that can cause harm. But it is fairly recent that teachers and researchers are stepping up, acknowledging that fact, and taking the appropriate ethical actions needed for participant health and well-being.

Willoughby Britton Ph.D. is a an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University Medical School, an Assistant Professor of Behavior and Social Sciences in Brown University’s School of Public Health and the Director of Brown’s Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory. Her clinical neuroscience research investigates the effects of contemplative practices on the brain and body in the treatment of mood disorders, trauma and other emotional disturbances.

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