Episode 158 :: Irene Kraegel :: The Mindful Christian

Irene Kraegel

Irene Kraegel joins us to speak about The Mindful Christian.

I often hear concerns from people that mindfulness is in conflict with their religious views. Most of the time there is an opportunity to clear up those misunderstandings, but there remains a strong bias about mindfulness just being stealth Buddhism. Spoiler alert: it’s not. And today’s guest will add an insider’s perspective on how mindfulness is also for people of other faith traditions.

Irene Kraegel is a clinical psychologist in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has worked in community mental health and then in private practice before joining Calvin University’s Center for Counseling and Wellness in 2009, first as a counselor and now serving as director. She is known for her writing and resources at her website The Mindful Christian.


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