Episode 166 :: John Taylor :: Growing Diversity in Mindfulness Communities

John Taylor

Today we speak with John Taylor about his life and work changing the conversation about diversity in mindfulness communities and teaching institutions.

As mindfulness continues to become more and more integrated into contemporary society, it faces a growing awareness of the relationship between non-duality and the realities faced in everyday life. Can we really extinguish suffering without facing, acknowledging, and working with the external causes and conditions of that suffering, not just for us but for others? Inequities, priviledge, bias all play a part in daily life too, and mindfulness isn’t living up to its potential without rolling up its sleeves — our sleeves — on those realities.

John Taylor is a Certified MBSR Teacher with a long meditation and retreat practice. He is an active member of the Greater Richmond community where the primary focus of his work has been on racial equity and reconciliation initiatives, as well as facilitated community dialogues. He is currently serving on the board of the Richmond Peace Education Center, One Common Unity based in Washington D.C. and an advisory committee for the Chrysalis Institute where he teaches Mindfulness. John has also been a food security activist who initiated urban farming programs in Newark, New Jersey. John is a graduate of the College of Wooster and lives in North Chesterfield, VA with his wife, three children (and three dogs).

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