Episode 167 :: Cyndi Weekes Bradley :: Mindfulness Frameworks in Education

Cyndi Weekes Bradley

Cyndi Weekes Bradley joins us to speak about mindfulness frameworks in education.

Mindfulness has been part of academia for some time, starting with Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts in the late 70’s. It’s grown since then, finding its way into the educational environment of K-12 more recently, supported by the efforts of those who have been touched by mindfulness’s influence on the lives. But it’s not a hobby; mindfulness can be quite challenging, and teaching it requires training, experience, and the support of structured learning.

Cyndi Weekes Bradley has over 20-years of data-driven experience in equity including racial equity. She served as a Teacher, Dean, School-Based Manger, Boston Principal Fellow, SPED Assistant Principal, Principal and Policy Reviewer, System-Builder & Analyst, Education Strategist, and Associate Lecturer as well as Founder and CEO of The Equity Process. She holds a Master’s Degree from Simmons University.

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