Episode 168 :: Wendy Quan :: Bringing Mindfulness to the Workplace

Wendy Quan

Today we speak with teacher Wendy Quan about bringing mindfulness into the workplace.

While mindfulness has gone mainstream in our personal lives and is getting some traction with education and healthcare, the business world is still catching up. Despite decades of evidence about how mindfulness can help the bottom line for those leaders who only think in those terms, starting a program in the corporate environment is, well, tricky business. Part of that stems from the impression that mindfulness is just a hobby, rather than being a discipline that takes time, training, and dedication. Our guest also comes from that world, and has some ideas about how to do that in a meaningful way.

Wendy Quan is a pioneer in workplace mindfulness facilitator training & certification through her business, The Calm Monkey. She is the featured expert in the newly released video course Mindfulness for the Workplace on The Great Courses, Wondrium and Audible, so you can learn to create a better experience for yourself at work and in life.

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