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Episode 146 :: Bonnie Griffin :: 6 Small Meditation Meals A Day

Bonnie Griffin Bonnie Griffin joins us to speak about 6 Small Meditation Meals A Day. There can be a subtle, or sometimes obvious, tendency to measure contemplative practice by time spent on the cushion. Performance rather than substance is encouraged by accumulated minutes on Insight Timer or other trackers, giving us a visual domamine reward…

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Episode 144 :: Loch Kelly :: The Way of Effortless Mindfulness

Loch Kelly Loch Kelly joins us to speak about The Way of Effortless Mindfulness: A Revolutionary Guide for Living an Awakened Life. Many people coming to mindfulness practice for the first time may find it difficult, maybe even exhausting work. Soon after the reasons not to meditate show up, primarily the excuse of being too…

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Episode 143 :: Barbara Burns :: Mindfulness-Based, Trauma-Informed Parent Education in an Underserved Latino Community

Barbara M. Burns Barbara Burns joins us to speak about her research Mindfulness-Based, Trauma-Informed Parent Education in an Underserved Latino Community. Despite current hype to the contrary, secular mindfulness programs are making a very real and measurable difference in the world. Today we explore one such program, Safe, Secure, and Loved (SSL), and how that’s…

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Episode 142 :: David Messer :: Online Mindfulness and Cancer Recovery

David Messer David Messer joins us to speak about his research with online mindfulness, and cancer recovery. A question has been brewing in the global mindfulness community for awhile about the efficacy of online programs. Criticism often comes from those with no experience with online learning, and little understanding of the variety of capabilities that…

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Episode 141 :: David Forbes :: Mindfulness and Its Discontents

David Forbes David Forbes joins us to speak about Mindfulness and Its Discontents. As we see mindfulness in the news, on social media, in public classrooms and private industry, questions will and should arise. “What are we doing?” is valid to ask, and discussions answering that question will continue for years to come. These critiques…

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Episode 137 :: Zev Schuman-Olivier :: Mindfulness Training for Primary Care

Zev Schuman-Olivier Zev Schuman-Olivier joins us to speak about Mindfulness Training for Primary Care. Mindfulness can be helpful in the reduction of anxiety and depression, as well as other chronic problems where self-management plays an important role. New models that include referrals from primary care providers can greatly enhance a person’s accessibility to beneficial mindfulness…

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