Course Overview

Course Overview

This Winter 2021 MBSR course is reserved for exclusive use by the Lazar Lab at Harvard University.

Your Teacher


Ted Meissner is a UMass Medical School Certified MBSR Teacher, and has been teaching mindfulness for over twenty years. He is the host of the podcast Present Moment: Mindfulness Practice and Science, has been published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, Mindful, and The International Journal of Whole Person Care. He mentors MBSR teachers, teaches Masterclasses for Oxford Mindfulness Centre, and is the Executive Director of Mindfulness Practice Center

If you have any questions or difficulties, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Add MBSR Web App to Mobile Device

While using a computer offers the best experience for you and others during the Online Live sessions, many participants in mindfulness programs find it more convenient to do the home practices with ear buds and their smart phone.  Note that this is only for home practice; using a mobile device for the Online Live sessions is discouraged.

Below are instructions to create an icon for the MBSR Web App on the iPhone, making access to the program and all the course materials, including the guided meditations, quick and easy for home practice.  The process for Android devices is similar, and these instructions can help with creating that icon as well.  You won't find this in any App Store, it's only on this website.


Remember, the images below are just examples of what your screen may look like.
Tapping or clicking on them doesn't do anything.

Step 1: Open Present Moment in Browser

On your smart phone, find the icon for your preferred web browser, like Safari.


Open the browser, and in the address field enter


Once the site is open, open the menu "hamburger" and then MBSR Course to open the web app.


Step 2: Create an Icon

Once the website is open, tap on the icon to Save it, which may be on the bottom of your screen.

image1 (1)

Tap Add to Home Screen next.


Tap Add.


The icon will now appear on your main screen.


Remember, this class is secured to you and your fellow participants.  Type in the password to get to the page.

image1 (2)